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My Renovation Bonus for All: The System Extended in 2021

Posted by Michel on January 28, 2021

My Renovation Bonus for All: The System Extended in 2021

The “My renovation bonus” now includes all the incentives provided by the government for housing energy renovation. As a BPCE survey (on page 19) shows that only 32 percent of owners have learned of it and 13 percent expect to profit from it, it seems important to explain this. Let’s take stock of the introduction of this assistance, which will become fully usable in 2021.

A late application

First of all, it should be remembered that the Ma luxury renovation was in service for a year but was only open to the most humble households in 2020. In order to facilitate the energy renovation of a rising number of houses, the need to make the system available even to wealthy households is now applied to owners of main residences and tenants.

In fact, the complete rollout announced for January 1 has been postponed and has only been successful for owner-occupiers since the 11th of this month. In the other side, homeowners, unexpectedly, will only be able to benefit from it in July 2021. This will penalise the goodwill that started to operate at the end of the year by depending on first quarter assistance. The aid has indeed been retroactively declared for quotes rendered since 1 October 2020, and it is hoped that this measure would also benefit donors.

Benefit from the Ma prime renov’ scheme

My Renovation Bonus for All: The System Extended in 2021
Tools and equipment in living room, Home renovation construction concept

The scope of the assistance given is determined by such parameters. In order not to take an excessive measure, here is the primary knowledge to understand.

Conditions on resources

The first prerequisite is for such resource thresholds not to be surpassed, the levels of which are determined by colours. Notice also that the numbers differ based on whether the family resides in the provinces or in Ile-de-France.

Thus, the scale is as follows for a household of 2 people living in Ile-de-France:

• Very modest household (code blue): annual revenue less than EUR 30,225

• Modest household (yellow): up to 36,792 EUR

• Middle-income household (purple): up to EUR 56,130

• High income households: over EUR 56,130

These restrictions are lowered in the provinces by EUR 10,000 for low-income households and EUR 14,000 for better-off households.

The works concerned

They are necessarily aimed at improving the energy efficiency of housing and focus on 2 key categories:

  • Insulation: roof change, wall insulation, joinery repair fall into this group.
  • Heating devices: imagine adding a solar or thermodynamic water heater, replacing an oil tank, buying, for instance, a heat pump or a wood stove.

Other behaviour, such as building a charging station for an electric vehicle or carrying out an energy audit, can also be the focus of an appeal.

Please notice, in order to apply for this assistance, all construction work must strengthen the current condition. It would not profit from replacing double-glazed windows with other windows of the same kind.

Make your request

Let us take action to introduce the programme operated by the national housing department (Anah). An online calculator has been made available by the government and can be used to measure the amount of assistance that the proposed works will apply for. The outcome is not contractual, but the file number assigned would be used to notify the competent authorities to validate the order. Since a touch is given at the end of the simulation in order to get more details if necessary.

With the Anah facilities, the appeal can be pursued electronically. The government has set up a dedicated site to do this, on which you can also find all the valuable device material.

After the completeness of the file has been verified, an investigative duration of 2 to 3 weeks is usually followed in order to achieve a definitive response. However, an expansion of this time may be found with the latest extension of the device to all households.

Here, the government reveals its intention to encourage a sustainable growth in the ecological standard of French housing. The boost offered by Ma prime renov ‘can prove to be a financial reward for households unable to carry out such work that is useful for their home’s energy efficiency. Perhaps it also helps to encourage a decision to buy a new property that needs work. The success of the initiative will be verified (or not) by the number of applications submitted this year.

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