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Why get a home security system ?

The National Observatory of Delinquency and Penal Responses (ONDRP) states that a burglary occurs in France every 90 seconds. However, this is not a fatality to be expected, as there are ways of protecting one’s property, and probably in a more comprehensive way than most households expect. While it is still useful to install a traditional alarm in your home to detect an anomaly

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Buying a holiday home: 5 points to watch out for

Buying a second home has become a common occurrence in our country: in the fiscal sense, one in ten homes is a second home. More than half of these properties are located on the coast or in the mountains, and to a lesser extent in the largest cities. Of the second homes owned by French households, two thirds are owned by people over 60

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Summer heat : how to preserve your home and your comfort ?

The forecasts are clear and the discomfort is already being felt: our summers are set to become hotter and hotter and extreme heat waves more frequent. The whole country is affected and the migration of holidaymakers, or even residents, to Brittany or Normandy does not seem to be enough to avoid suffering the effects.  Until now, heat resilience has not been a criterion in

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Tourism: 10 must-sees in Normandy

Fine sandy beaches, architectural heritage rich in majesty and diversity, breathtaking natural sites… If we are used to saying that France is beautiful, Normandy is certainly a prime example of what it offers more beautiful. Several stays will necessarily be devoted to this region, for those who wish to multiply the discoveries, always different and never disappointing. To get you started, here are 10

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Real estate : everything that changed on July 1, 2022

The month of July always brings its share of novelties and this year, the real estate sector is particularly concerned. Through various measures, the government is trying to provide answers to landlords and tenants, worried about the inflationary context. The ecology of housing is also targeted, with a view to continuing the energy transition and renovating the country’s housing stock. The real estate news

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Real estate market : what impact will the rise in borrowing rates have?

The trend has been confirmed since the beginning of 2022: interest rates on loans are rising significantly. At the time of writing, a loan granted last year at a rate of 1% over 20 years would be more likely to be granted at a rate of 1.5% today. Nothing alarming, yet.  Although after several years of historically low rates, the duration of this increase

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