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Correze is a French department that is part of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

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The prevailing climate of the region is sub-oceanic. The climate is mainly oceanic in the valleys Auvézère and Vézère. On the south are positioned the basin of Brive, Bordogne downstream and they have southern influence. The Autan wind is felt very strongly in this region in the summer. The climate in this area is close to the one in the northern edge of the Aquitaine Basin. The clouds that come from the west meet the highlands of the central massif in the northeastern part and there is a lot of rain. In the plateaus Monédières and Millevaches the climate is quite wet and cold oceanic. There is heavy snowing in the winter. Due to the Foehn effect most of the oriental part is dryer and the climate is more continental.


This region is positioned in the western border of the central massif. In the north it is met the Hercynian granitic and it also occupies two thirds of the territory. The rocks in the south are sandy. In the department of Lot there is a limestone plateau. The relief is quite higher in the north while the massive of Monédières and the plateau of Millevaches have an average height of 800 m. the central part of the region is a large plateau that does not exceeds 600 m. There are also some rivers that flow to the south toward the Garonne River. The southern part is an alluvial plain.

This is a rural department which has a lot of natural departments for the development of outdoor activities. The relief is mainly hilly, some sloppy in the valleys and as a whole quite flat. Because of this plateau walking is quite easy. Ski tourism can also be practiced. On th e plateau of Gentioux-Pigerolles is the only place where ski touring base in all Limousin. The southern part of the department is more urbanized and has a more intensive agriculture. In this area the Mediterranean climate influences the early spring.


There are very beautiful prehistoric places. Archeologists found flint axes in the caves close to Brive, some Neolithic polished axes and also some megaliths. During the times of the Romans the Gallic tribe occupied the Limousin and the area up to the Atlantic Ocean. One of the main cities at that time is Lemonum that later become Limoges. During the period of the Gallo-Roman time the territory of the current Correze was part of the province of Aquitania. The same name was also used for the kingdom of the king Dagobert. Later this territory was named Guyenne and become part of the England’s kingdom under the rule of Henry Plantagenet. It was taken by France during the time of Philipe Auguste. Before the One Hundred Wars it and some other territories in the nearby were returned to France. This land for a few times was under the rule of England and France. Even though the people in this area are mainly Calvinists it was under the rule Huguenots and Catholics after the Battle of Roche-l’Abeille .


The cuisine of this region is handed down from many generations. It is famous for its red wine and the so called straw wine, a potato pie, stuffed ceps, some kind of potato and meat dumpling, buckwheat pancakes, morel and chanterelle mushrooms, and even truffles. There is also a lot of sea food like trout, pike and pikeperch. There are also tasty fruit tarts like flaugnard and clafoutis, and liqueurs made from walnuts, blueberries, raspberries.

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