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Gordes is a commune in the Vaucluse department of the Provence Cote d’Azur region. The whole of Gordes is largely well preserved and in order to stave off modernising effects, the town has actually banned the putting up of fences so as to keep the town in the same way as it has been kept for the last millennium. Additionally, all electric cables have to be laid underground as it is deemed (quite correctly) that they would have an eyesore effect on the town’s landscape.

The easiest way to access Gordes is by train. It is only 40 minutes from the town of Avignon, which is part of the high-speed TGV network, to Gordes. One can easily reach Paris in 5 hours from Avignon.


The area was occupied by the Romans in early history and still standing today is the castle that was built in 1031. This castle has been re-constructed on 2 separate occasions in 1123, when it was reinforced, and then in 1525 when part of the castle was re-built in Renaissance style. Despite this last re-construction, the castle still retains its fantastic 11th century qualities.

Frankly, just walking around Gordes is enough for most people with its ancient town; it makes for the perfect place to get lost in the history of the town. However, for museum-goers, there is an art museum dedicated to the Flemish painter Pol Mara, who was once a resident in Gordes. There is also “Le Village des Bories” which is a Bronze Age village, now deserted but is officially a historical monument that shows off the aspects of a typical village from the Bronze Age.


As Gordes is in a very green area, the best way to admire the scenery is to go horse-riding, hiking and walking.
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