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Angers is a city of Maine et Loire department, in Pays de la Loire region. It is located half way between Nantes and Le Mans. Angers is the former capital of Anjou and is a crossroad town between two major rivers (Maine and Loire) which participated to its economic growth. Angers’ territory expands over the heritage listed Vallée de la Loire.


By plane, there are flights from London to Nantes (1h from Angers) and direct flights from Southampton to Angers.
By car, from Paris, take the ring road and head towards Bordeaux/Nantes (A10), exit A10 and then A11 until Angers’ toll. Exit Angers Centre.
From Nantes, exit the city and head towards Paris (A11) until Angers’ toll. Exit Angers Centre.
As for railway services, from Paris there are direct trains from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (to Angers train station) and from Gare Montparnasse (to Angers St Laud train station). From Nantes, direct trains are available and Angers can be reached within 40 minutes.


The most ancient human presence trace was found in Fremur Street and dates back to 400 000 years BC.  Angers was integrated to the French Kingdom in 1206. This city was the 5th to welcome a printing office (1476) which proved an interest for culture and knowledge. In 1538, Angers was already known as one of the « bonnes et principales villes du royaulme» (one of the good and main cities of the Kingdom). During the Revolution, the French territory division changed and Angers got its current shape.  Today, Angers is the 16th city of France with its 156 327 inhabitants.


Angers is a city of Heritage and Culture. Therefore, there are numerous monuments to visit, cultural centres to discover (Theatres, Music centres, cinemas…).
For example, la “Maison d’Adam”, located in the middle of the city is one of the most magnificent examples of the medieval architecture. It was converted into a “Maison des Artisans” where craftsmen exhibit and sell their work (sculptures, tapestry, textile, jewels, glass, crystal and luminary items…)
During the 13th century, the construction of Angers’ Castle was initiated by Saint Louis and was part of the city fortification process. Its massive 1km long ramparts were built from1230 to 1240 and comprised 17 towers. Inside the castle, the visitor can discover the 140m long “Tapisserie de l’Apocalypse”, a woven tapestry ordered by Louis 1er d’Anjou at the end of the 14th century. The work illustrates the Apocalypse text written by St John at the end of the 1st century as well as the mayhem during the period it was created (Guerre de Cent Ans: The Hundred Years War)
Some parts of the “Logis Barrault” monument date from the 15th century although it was renovated between 2000 and 2005. It was converted into le “Musée des Beaux Arts d’Angers” (Fine Arts Museum) and exhibits sculptures and 14th century to nowadays paintings. There are two permanents themes: Fine Arts and Angers’ History.
Angers also offers many parks and gardens to go for a walk, relax or learn more about plants. “L’Arboretum Gaston Allard” is a botanical garden located in the South of Angers. With a total of 20.000 plants, it spreads over 17 acres and is divided into three parts: “Le Jardin des Ombrages”, “Le Jardin des Essais” and “le Jardin des Cinq Sens”.
“Le Jardin des plantes d’Angers” is a 9.88 acre garden planted with trees and flowers in the centre of the city. It dates from the beginning of the 18th century.
Also, the Basses Vallées Angevines area is known as one of the richest and most beautiful wetland in Europe. Over 250km ways for hiking activities were created along the banks of Loir, Mayenne, Sarthe, Maine and Loire rivers.
Food and Drink
In Angers area, people are used to say « que tout pousse sauf l’olivier. Et encore on n’a jamais essayé… » (« that everything grows except for olive trees. And that’s because we didnt even try »). The region offers a wide range of products: fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fowl, wine, liqueurs…
Angers has a few specialities such as:
“Cul de Veau à l’Angevine” which is a meal with the upper part of a veal leg, onions, carrots, white and dry Anjou wine, eau de vie de pays, fresh cream, herbs…
Pike or Pike Perch with white butter is a local recipe as well.
“Crémet d’Anjou” is a light cream with fresh cream, egg-white, sugar and vanilla and is usually served with berries.
“Les Quernons d’Ardoise de La Petite Marquise” are local chocolate sweets with nougatine, almonds and hazelnuts. Their main distinctive characteristic is the blue chocolate wrapping the nougatine.
“Pâté aux prunes” is a kind of pie with greengage plums.
As for drinks, the famous Cointreau (orange extracts liqueur) is being distilled in Angers since 1849. “Soupe Angevine” is a cocktail with Cointreau, lemon juice, cane sugar and Crémant.
Angers is also the 1st producer of Appellation d’Origine Controlée white wines (Label that testifies to its origin and quality): Savennières, Anjou-Côteaux de la Loire, Quarts de Chaume, Côteaux du Layon, Côteaux de l’Aubance, Saumur are produced in this area.


  • MA CAMPAGNE is a restaurant that offers traditional and regional meals. 14, Promenade de Reculée, 49100 Angers. Tel:
  • LE CREMET D’ANJOU: traditional cuisine. 21 rue Delaage 49100 Angers. Tel:
  • LE FAVRE D’ANNE 18, Quai des Carmes 49000 Angers. Tel:
  • AUBERGE ANGEVINE is a medieval restaurant set in an 18th century chapel with meals based on the 15th century. 9 rue Cordelle, 49000 Angers.
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