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Condom is a village located in Tenarez (Gers department of Occitanie) between Armagnac and Agenais. Condom was built on a calcareous headland near Gele stream and became an important religious city in the Middle Age with a diocese of 130 churches. Despite the 100 years’ war, plague epidemics and the First World War, lots of Middle Age buildings and churches can be viewed in Condom.


Condom is located 40 kms to Auch, 43 kms to Agen and 146 kms to Toulouse. The nearest airports to Condom are Toulouse and Bordeaux.


In Condom you can visit some Middle Age monuments such as Saint Pierre de Condom Cathedral, the cathedral cloister, the Arderan tower (C13th) with its stone balustrade, the Puypardin castle (C13th and C16th) with a rectangular keep and Osse valley view.
The Armagnac is one of the most famous alcohol specialties in Tenarez. It was exported in Spain and all over Europe by Santiago de Compostela pilgrims more than thousand years ago. Nowadays, you can visit the Armagnac museum located in old stables with C17th framework and 18 tone press. You could visit some Armagnac cellars too.

There are lots of outdoor activities to do in Condom like walks with more than 100 kms of signposted track and the GR65, swimming at the aquatic centre (with hot tub, seethe baths, slides, aqua gym…), sailing (ship rental without license and boat club). There is also a leisure area (pond for sin and water plays), tennis club and an airdrome.
There are several traditional markets the Saturday and Sunday morning, the Wednesday (all day). Few times per year there is an evening market where you can learn how to play traditional games like Palet Gascon, Quilles or Maillet.
Some events are organised in Condom. The most popular is the European festival of bandas y penas with orchestras and brass bands (second week end of May). You could also take part in check tournaments, antiquarian expositions or in scale-down sailboat tournaments.
In Condom you can evidently find a condom museum.

Food and drinks
Foie Gras is one of the most renowned French meals. It is made in the Gers and also in Condom. Duck or goose foie gras, you will take pleasure in savoring it cooked or not. Figuigers is a delicious but unknown foie gras meal with free-range ducks feed with figs.
The Armagnac is a component of several Condom specialties such as the Pastis (thin and crunchy pastry cake prepared with orange blossom, Armagnac and apples soak in the Armagnac) but you can of course enjoy it just as a drink.
The Floc de Gascogne is a red or a white alcohol created in the C16th. It’s a mix between young Armagnac and grape rape.
Condom area is also famous for its Cotes de Saint Mont wines (white, rose and red).


  • Le Cambuse, Place Bossuet, +33(0)5 62 68 48 95
  • Le Moulin du Petit Gascon, Route d’Eauze, +33 (0)5 62 28 28 42

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