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Cussac is a village of Haute-Vienne department, in Nouvelle Aquitaine region.  Cussac is located 45km from Limoges, in the Vallée du Tardoire and in the middle of the Regional Park Perigord Limousin. The village is famous for its motocross championships.

By car, from Paris, Cussac can be reached via the A20 motorway towards Limoges, exit 33 and then, the D699 road to Cussac.
The closest airport is Limoges airport.
As for railway services, Limoges train station is 40km from Cussac.

The first inhabitants of Cussac and surroundings settled during the Neolithic period (from 6000 to 2000 BC). Near La Jalade, flint shards were found as well as megaliths and tumuli (graves that take the shape of piles of stone or earth). Then, Celts invaded the territory: Santones settled in Mediolanum Santonum (which became Saintes), Pictones in Limonum (Poitiers), Petricores in Vesunna (Perigueux) and Lemovices in Ritum (Limoges). The name Cussac appeared for the first time in a document dating from 1242. Cussac area was ruined during the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) and became a geographic frontier between the French Kingdom and the English Duché de Guyenne. People had to leave the village to avoid battles and lived in the forests. Around Cussac, tunnels were dug and used as a refuge.

In Cussac, a few monuments are worth seeing such as Cromières Castle, Church of Saint Pierre es Liens, Manor of Puy, Boubon monastery, La Jalade, tunnels under the church and an antique road.
“Les Bonnes Fontaines de Cussac” are also places of interests. They are three fountains located near la Mazaurie lake. The water of theses fountains was known to cure pains. A tree (“arbre votif”) is dedicated to receive ex-voto, clothes, scarves, shoes… from the people who came to relieve their pains.
Numerous chestnut trees are growing in Limousin region. Chestnuts were a significant part of people’s diet and buildings were dedicated to the drying of chestnuts: Cledier.  It is a 6 to 9sqm structure, round or square shaped, isolated or attached to a bread oven. To dry chestnuts, people kept fires going for three weeks.
Haute Vienne department has nine clédier left.

Food and Drink
The Limousin gastronomy is definitely the main influence in Cussac meals. Chestnuts are an important part of the Limousin cuisine culture. It was the base of farmers’ diet during winters and today, it can be found in many regional recipes: in pâté, black pudding, cakes, with meat. There is even chestnut liqueur.
Limousin grows apples, the Golden d’altitude, and produces about 110 000 tons a year. It was imported from the United States and adopted by the Limousin soil. It now has its own Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (a label which testifies to its origin and quality).
Limousin meat established itself in the market. The most famous and appreciated one is Limousin beef with its “veau de lait” or “vache de reforme”. However, its veal, lamb and pork are not to be discarded.


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