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Deux Sèvres

Deux-Sevres is a French department of Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Its name means “two Sèvres”: the Sèvre Nantaise and the Sèvre Niortaise. These are two rivers who originate from the department. It is one of the four ones that form the Nouvelle Aquitaine region along with Charente, Charente-Maritime and Vienne.

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The climate in this part of France is mild and the annual temperature is 54° Fahr with a rainfall of average 25 in. The winters are usually colder in the Gatine and the summers are warmer in the Plaine.


This is an inland department in the Western France that consists of three districts like Poitou, Thouarsais, Gatine (on the north and in the center) and Niortais. Its area is 2337 sq. m. and the population is 339, 466. On the north there is Maine-et-Loire, on the east there is Vienne, on the south east there is Charente and on the south there is Charente-Inferieure and on the west there is Vendee.

The highest point is more than 700 ft.

Most part of the area is agricultural and consists of arable land. The lands are planted with wheat and oats as well as potatoes. Niort is the place for growing vegetables. There are vineyards in Bressuire. There are also some breeds of cattle and horses. In some parts cooperative dairying is formed.

The major industry in the area is farming. Because of the life in Deux-Sevres is rural and runs at a slow pace. Still there are craft groups, gymnasiums, cinemas, restaurants, street cafes. There is even British Group who forms social events and a monthly library. There are also many festivals and fares especially during the summer. They attract tourists from all over the world.


The capital town is Niort with attractive shops.

The styles of the houses vary from the Charentaise longhouses to modern architecture. Frequent are the 1 floor properties with souse sol or a garage that is built below the living accommodation and there are also private plots. As compared to the other departments on the south and along the coast the prices are quite reasonable and the running costs are much lower than in England. Some people even let house on behalf of the mason secondary owners.

There is a lot of market activity. To the area come a lot of Dutch and British. There are not a lot of advertisements in England so it is better to come and see the property that suits your needs.

Some of the modest single storey Poitou buildings are made using the local building materials like limestone, wood, clay tiles and even reeds.


Deux-Sèvres is part of the 83 departments that were established during the French revolution on March 4, 1790.

In the 12the century it was part of England that was then ruled by the Plantagenets. In 1154 count Henry of Anjou married Eleanor of Aquitaine and after that became king of England. During that time Poitou become an English possession and was formed a ‘Plantagenet society’ with its own currency. Their son was Richard the Lionheart. Poitou becomes French possession by Louis IX in 1242.


In this area is very famous the goats cheese that is a cheese festival every year in Melle. Special cakes are made from cream cheese. Here you can find the best butter in France. During the years the production companies have remained faithful to the traditional production.
In Poitou-Charente can find diverse kinds of refined cheese with different degree of maturity.

To the quality of the products contribute the thick pastures and the temperate climate.

The meat of the Poitou-Charentes lamb is known for being balanced and light flesh. There are ancient traditions for stock rearing.

Pork meat is also consumed with some of the best wines in the area.

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Tourism office in Poitou-Charentes:

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Flights from the UK
By air: The region has three international airports: Poitiers, Limoges and La Rochelle.

Ryanair and Air France fly to La Rochelle, Limoges and Poitiers.

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