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Domfront is a village of Orne department, in Normandy region. The city was in the past surrounded by ramparts with 24 towers, and with its narrow streets, its half-timbered houses and internal courtyards is a good example of the Middle Ages architecture. Domfront was awarded a “3 flowers” label in the competition for the most flowery cities of France.


By car, from paris, Domfront can be reached within 3h via the N12 road towards Saint Quentin les Yvelines/Dreux.
The closest airport is Rennes.
The bus network Cap’Orne provides access to Domfront with the lines 22, 24 and 25.


Domfront was probably founded by the “Seigneurs de Bellême”, a lineage that appeared during the 10th century. Around 1010, Guillaume 1er de Bellême put Benedictine monks in Lonlay (8km from Domfront) and had a castle built, towering over the Varenne valley. This first castle was most probably a wooden surrounding wall, with a tower-gate. No remains were found but written documents refer to it. People were attracted by the protection the castle provided, settled around it and created Domfront.


The stone castle of Domfront replaced the one made of wood around 1100. It was demolished in 1608. Its fortifications surrounded a 3.7 acre land where many buildings were standing and whose existence is proved by medieval documents. During archaeological excavations, numerous medieval ceramics were found. These items were mostly from the local clay quarry.
In 1020, Guillaume de Bellême had the Notre Dame sur l’Eau church built. It was a stage in many people’s journey to Mont Saint Michel. The church was sacked during the Hundred Years War. It was nearly demolished in 1826, and a part of the building was pulled down 10 years later to allow the construction of a road. It became a heritage listed church in 1889.
Every year, Domfront organise “La Fête des Médiévales” with street animations, medieval market, music, drums, troubadours and medieval feast.
Other activities offered in Domfront are hiking, cycle touring, fishing, climbing, tennis and horse riding activities.

Food and Drink

Black Pudding of Essay and of Mortagne is a speciality of Orne department. Black Pudding of Essay is characterized by fresh pork ham, full-cream milk, eggs and herbs and spices. Black Pudding of Mortagne is made of pork meat, pork blood and a lot of condiment.
Normandy is the first cheese producer region in France and Camembert is the most famous of all. It was created by Marie Harel in the 18th century and has been labelled AOC (a label that testifies to its origin and quality) in 1984.
The Domfrontais region is famous for its natural and local products. The area also produces biscuits, “les Sablés Domfrontais”, traditionally made in Lonlay-l’abbaye.
Domfront also has two AOC alcohol drinks from pears: Le Poiré and Calvados Domfrontais.


  • LE GRAND GOUSIER, traditional cuisine. place de la Liberte, 61700, Domfront. Tel :
  • LE PETIT GILDAS, traditional cuisine. place du Champs de Foire, 61700, Domfront. Tel :

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