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Calvados is a French department position on the region of Normandy. Its name means a cluster of rocks off the coast.

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The summers are usually warm and the winters are variable.


North of Calvados is positioned la Baie de Seine that is part of the English Channel. On the east is the Seine River. Areas included in Calvados are Bessin, Pays d’Auge that is also known as Norman Switzerland.

Some of the most well known places in Calvados are Deauville and also the 19th century casinos on the coast.

Agriculture is a major part of the economy of this area. It is known for the production of butter, cheese and cider.

The inhabitants of Calvados are also called “Calvadosiens” (male) and “Calvadosiennes” (female). The population is 648 299 and this is the 30th most populated French department.

The local dialect of the Norman language that is spoken in this area is known as Augeron.

There are many things to be done in this area during the whole year. You can attend the apple harvest and the cider making in the autumn. Here you can experience the relaxing French charm of a rural province and the sun on the beaches like Deauville and Trouville. This area is most known for the orchards planted with apple trees. Apples are symbol of the agricultural tradition and they are also part of the flag of the general council of Calvados.

In 1942 Calvados received the status of “Appellation d’Origine”. The “Appellation Controlee System” represents set of rules that are used to guarantee and maintain the characteristics and the qualities of the product as well as its century old traditions.

In Normandy there are a lot of cows that are used to produce milk to make rich butter and cheese. Because of the vicinity of the sea there is also a lot of seafood.


One of the most visited tourist destinations is Bayeux because of the tapestry.

Because of the cult to Saint Thérèse many people go to Lisieux to see where she lived in a Carmelite convent.

Annually, the Festival of the American Movie is held in Deauville and in Cabourg is held the Festival of the Romantic Movie

There are a few areas in this department that are well known tourist places and these are: The Bessin, the Plaine of Caen, the Bocage Virois, the Côte de Nacre, the Côte Fleurie and the Pays d’Auge.

There are many Englishmen that come to this area through the port of Ouistreham.

There are some very famous beaches like Cabourg and Merville Franceville that are also used for water sports.

One of the 5 beaches used on D-Day is located here and this is Juno.

We also advice you to stop at Vire where you can taste their famous sausages.


Calvados is one of the 83 departments that were united during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790. Formerly it was named “Orne inférieure” but later the name Calvados remained.

Its name comes from a ship from the Spanish Armada that sunk near Arromanches-les-bains in 1588. Other people consider that the name comes from calva dorsa that mean bare backs directing to the bare rocks on the coast.


Calvados apple brandy is very well known. There are apples all over the countryside and cider is produced and sold.

Apples have been important part of the economy of the region during the years. The cider in this area is quite different from the one made in England. It was first produced in the 16 th century. Apple brandy calvados can be made only in this region of the country.


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Travel from the UK

By ferry: Ferries go to Cherbourg from Portsmouth or Poole, to Caen from Portsmouth and to Dieppe from Newhaven.
By air: Easyjet flies from Belfast, Liverpool Newcastle and London Luton to Paris. Ryanair flies from Shannon, Dublin and Glasgow to Paris.
From there it is easiest to travel by train to Calvados.

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