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Haute Marne


Haute Marne is known as a department that is situated in the northeast of France. It is named after the Marner River. It is also located in the Grand Est Region, and the capital of this French Department is the city of Chaumont. The Haute Marne is divided into six districts like Langres, Bourbonne, Bourmont, Chaumont, and Saint-Dizier. It is interesting to note that during the World War 2, the area of Haute Marne was partitioned under the occupation of the Germans. It comprises of numerous exciting places that can enthrall the senses of any tourists. It includes the Renaissance castle of Joinville as well as the village of Colombey-Les-Deux-Églises where Charles De Gaulle lived until his death.


This area is characterized by climates with various extremes of temperature. It has a Marine West Coast Climate, and it rains more between November and March. Quite interestingly, the oceanic climate of the region is mostly mild. On the other hand, it snows for 20 to 30 days each year. The winds are usually gentle except in winter. It is also important to note that the roads are covered with snow for 70 to 80 days. During the summertime, there are many thunderstorms, and the winters are usually long and cold. The average rainfall ranges between 550 and 700 mm per year.


By visiting the Haute Marne Department, the tourists can visit the fortified town of Langres. It is also a favorite place for Denis Diderot who is the author of Encyclopedia. This home also comprises of Lake Der-Chantecoq which is also one of the biggest artificial lake located in Europe. You can also visit Charles de Gaulle’s private residence in Colombey-Les-Deux-Églises. It is a favorite place and receives a maximum amount of footfalls from the tourists. One can also visit the Château of Cirey-sure-Blaise.

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