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Côtes d’Armor

Cotes-d’Armor is a French department that is positioned north of Brittany in north western France.

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This region is part of the administrative region of Brittany. The neighboring departments are Finistere, Morbihan, and Ille-et-Vilaine, and the region Normandy on the north.

The inhabitants of this area are called Costarmoricains.

The western part of the department is of the Breton-speaking ” Lower Brittany”. This boundary ranges from Plouha to Mûr-de-Bretagne. This language is used in many parts in Brittany and there are many bilingual schools in this area. Gallo is also spoken in the east and it is used as a language in the schools and on the baccalaureate exams.


One very beautiful town in this area is Dinan that is 10 miles away from the world famous hydroelectric dam. There are a lot of fishermen on the Rance estuary. There are a lot of oysters and artichoke fields.

There are many tourists coming to the beaches of Dinard. This area is also rich in history and culture.


Cotes-du-Nord is one of the 83 departments that were formed during the French revolution on March 4, 1790. It was created from part of the province Brittany. Later in 1990 its name changed to Cotes-d’Armor and in Breton arm or means by the sea. Its name also has a connection with the Roman province of Armorica.


One famous delicacy is “Coquille Saint-Jacques” or scallop. It has a delicate nutty flavor. It is mainly found in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc that is larger and rounder that the others. The fishing season is in the winter. Also annually there is a large festival in April named “Coquille Saint-Jacques”.

Another famous delicacy is the Coco de Paimpol or the haricot bean. This is a semi-dried variety of the white haricot bean that needs shelling and has a marvelous straw-yellow shell marbled with purple. When it is open there are fine-skinned beans. They are quite delicious and easy to cook. Nowadays they are mainly produced in the Trégor-Goëlo area.

Another famous food is the BF15 potato. It is a favorite to many people. It is produced for the first time at Ploeuc-sur-Lié in Cotes d’Armor in 1930. It is a mix of Belle de Fontenay and Flora varieties.

Very famous also is the Camus Artichoke. It is mainly found in the Trégor-Goëlo area. It best consumed warm with a “Breton” sauce made with vinaigrette, herbs and crème fraîche.

Apple is also used a lot. It gives flavor to our desserts. It is mainly found in the Vallée de la Rance, in Pays de Dinan.

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